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Friends Only. Comment to be added :)

My name is Ana. I am Twenty one years old.
That's kind of gross, but oh well.
I love comics.
So much.
Lots of Rictor/Shatterstar love from me.
I love Domino/Cable.
Classic X-force is for the win. Failforce with Wolverine is not.
I have numerous fandoms. As you can see in my profile.
My FOB was made by the lovely nightingaledies

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*Comments* There, can I be your friend? ^_^
No you can't. *blocks you forever*

... *clings* Erm, I mean... friends?
Haha :)
I love David Bowie & NIN!
Be my friend and we can totes like b total nerd bout xmen and heroes and dw and tw and all other forms of geekdom?
Sounds good to me :D *friends*
Be my friend? I promise I won't bug you, unless you want me to. :)
Your icon is such love ♥

And keen. *friends*

why cant we be friends, why cant we be friends?



9 years ago

Hey I'd love to be in your flist, so I'm commenting!!! Hugs from México
Alrighty! Friending you :D
Hi! I joined your community, and you joined mine.
And I love X-Men so it seems like we could get along, no? :)
Add plz?
Sure! :D


February 27 2009, 18:32:06 UTC 7 years ago

you are a friend whore!

this is not Heather!
Heather get out
B| Get out.
if I were you, I would wish to not be a cookie again.

If I were you, I'd wish to be taller. Because you're like a foot tall.

be my friend, I'm so lonely. Where is Wanda?
Fucking Timmy.

Sure o:


May 27 2009, 22:22:18 UTC 7 years ago

Heather get out
I don't suppose you've written any Siryn/Deadpool fics? Sad fandom is sad. Still, classic X-force is awesome and I would like to read your stuff.
No, I haven't. Mostly because I think Deadpool is a very difficult character and I would suck at it probably. *DIES*

Friends, though!

Re: Friends?


7 years ago

Hiya! I'm newish to Ricstar fandom and I was just going to add your fanfic journal, but since you said on there to add you here too I did (normally I'm too shy to add people I don't know, except on fic journals XD)

I don't like Cable/Deadpool. I never will. I love Domino/Cable.
Hahaha I hope you don't hold it against me that I'm sort of guilty for cabledeadpool. I actually prefer Domino/Cable. cabledeadpool started as a joke mostly to mess with my friend Colin (biggest Cable fanboy ever), and then grew from 12 to 300 members when I wasn't looking. It was so weird.
Oh! Hi there. Cool.

*DIES* No! Not at all. I am friends with a lot of people who ship it, but I myself am not fond of it *DIESSS* wow really? Cool!

I'll add ya right back c:

Deleted comment


Deleted comment

Friend c:
*tentatively waves*

Um, hi. I've been slowly tiptoeing back into Marvel fandom over the past six months or so, and I've seen you in various places around LJ.
And I just saw you on my friend's lj.


Hi 8)


7 years ago


7 years ago

Everybody else has really cool inrto/ requests and I suck, so I can't do that. :P
Friends anyway? :D
Was just running around fandoms, and saw some of your amazing fic. May I add you? :D
I friend you for love of Marvel comics and Punk/Post-Punk music. It's a great combination. I couldn't've imagined it myself!
Heya! This is shidoikarji26! I've switched journals! Just letting you know if you want to add me back!
Done and done :)