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Cuz I was bored.

LiveJournal Username
Drowns before reaching the island:thexgene
Is eaten...before your supply of food is gone...leafeelebeau
Smart enough to build a fire to keep warm:leafeelebeau
Not-so-smart one who falls in said fire:pyro_lady
One who sleeps with everone:hexy33
Chances of your survival:
Will therapy ever make this ok??Nope
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Pisces Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

LiveJournal Username
eye color:
favorite brand of gum:
last person you talked to on the phone:
"Nah, look how cute they are. Of course they don't bite."uncanny_sage
"Huh. I never heard it make that sound before."pyro_lady
"Dare me to?"pyro_lady
"Ha! You and what army?"pyro_lady
"Aw, come on. It'll be fun!"hexy33
"Ooh, shiny! Must... Touch... "leafee_forest
"Pshw, the chances of that happening are, like, one in a gazillion."pyro_lady
"Step aside and let me show you how it's done."hexy33
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LiveJournal Username
The Name Of Your Band
What Will You Be Drinking?
What Type Of Music Does Your Band Play?
How Many People Are In The Audience?
How Much Are Tickets?
Your fearless frontman/womanxblack_nightx
Does a stagedive and breaks his/her noseleafeelebeau
Guitarist who storms off stage during the showpyro_lady
Audience member who replaces guitaristxthewreckoningx
Groupie who puts outhexy33
Groupie who gives you an STDuncanny_sage
Becomes your manageruncanny_sage
Your #1 Fanxblack_nightx
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Taurus Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

LiveJournal Username
Favorite Color
Favorite Food
In an out-of-state prisonuncanny_sage
Still living at homeleafeelebeau
w/ childrenleafee_forest
Cruising through suburbia, trying to act ghettoxblack_nightx
Just divorced 2nd spousethexgene
Evading child supportleafeelebeau
In schooluncanny_sage
Successful with a 6 digit salaryleafeelebeau
This Fun Quiz created by Ant at BlogQuiz.Net
Up to the minute Sport News at NewsDump

Blame Leafee for giving me a link.
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